Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Golden Trout

Two friends of mine (Keith Veltkamp and Greg Whitley) recently made a trek for Golden Trout to the Little Kern River (a trip I will never be able to make, but that's another story). One thing (out of the many things) that I enjoy about operating a fly shop is people sharing their experiences in their pursuit of fish. Not all of their experiences are good! On this particular trip, Keith describes their hike in (and more importantly the hike out) from their destination. Packing a heavy pack and suffering through difficult terrain, resulting in painful blisters and the future loss of a toe nail, they achieved their objective of adding another species to their California Heritage Trout Challenge. The Challenge is to catch six California native trout species in their historic habitat. The photo is that of a Little Kern River Golden Trout. I quote Keith, " God knows how to paint them doesn't He ". No truer words than those.