Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Underwater Trout Photography

Today, one of my earliest customers ( 1987 or so ), Andrew Maurer stopped by. Andrew is a graphic artist and photographer by profession that also happens to have a passion for trout and the beautiful places that they exist. The photos above are examples of his work. Andrew has spent a lot of time photographing trout underwater. Check out his beautiful work on his website He also left some of his framed and matted photographs at the shop that are available for $120.00.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fishing with Blob ( no, not me, Blob )

After reading an article on the Trout Underground blog, I did a search on YouTube for fishing with " blob " flies. It's an apparently controversial fishing method in the U.K., some fishers are actually calling for it's ban due to it's effectiveness!!! You know the British, no casting blind, you must cast to rising fish only, you must be properly attired, etc. After all, when one fishes or hunts, it must be done ( in their opinion ) in sporting manner! After additional research, here is a link to tying a " blob ". After yesterday's fishing, I, for one, will try it.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Florida Fishing

Fishing buddy ( certified fishing nut! ) Frank Candito just returned from Florida . Pictured is a 20 lb. Jack that he caught on a popper. It's hard to tell from his expression if he was excited! He also landed a tarpon around 100 lbs. He did not get a picture of the tarpon as one can no longer pull a tarpon out of the water. He fished with guide Captain John Meskauskas ( website: ) out of Stuart, Florida.