Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fly Fishing and Technology; What's this number 37.653874,-120.993397 ?

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Cut and paste this number; 37.653874,-120.993397 into Google maps and it will take you to: Sierra Anglers Fly Shop,700 McHenry Ave., Modesto, CA, USA, Earth. Cut and paste this; 38.255894,-119.224663 into Google maps and it will take you to a good place to eat breakfast ( Haye's Street Cafe ) in Bridgeport. Need to tell some friend about a secret spot such as this; 38.193329,-119.992163. Hah! You didn't really think I was going to give up one of my secret spots did you!
How do you do it? Just zoom in on Google maps, zoom down to as close as you need. If you zoom too close it may switch to " street view " which is also really cool. Then, right click on your mouse, then left click on " What's here ". Look in the box above and you will see the GPS coordinates to that spot. Here's the coordinates to the front door here at the shop; 37.653883,-120.993411 and here's the coordinates to the rear door ( 50 feet or so ); 37.653851,-120.99318 . Scary, isn't it?

Learn more about Google " Street View ".

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

First Snowfall, October 13, 2009

Tioga Pass cam from the Yosemite Association

Update for today, October 16, 2009: The passes have reopened!
The Sierra received it's first major snow storm of the 2009/2010 season two days ago. Ebbetts, Sonora, and Tioga Pass remain closed as of this morning October 15. Despite the warm storm, Mammoth Mountain received 26" of snow and will open to skiing tomorrow. It was a real " gully-washer " and some of the freestone rivers may be high and muddy. The good news is that what appeared to be a high fire danger fall has been averted!