Saturday, August 20, 2011

Exception to the norm!

Who said big fish don't live at high elevation! This MONSTER, 31" brown trout was caught in a 10,000 foot elevation lake in the high Sierra on a #2 weight rod with a small wooly bugger! Watch out Google Earth , you're about to be bombarded!

31" brown trout from Craig Coston on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

" The River Why "; The Movie ( finally! )

Back when I opened the store in November of 1987 ( yes, it's been that long! ) one of the books that was a good seller in the store was 1983 novel " The River Why " by David James Duncan. For years following, rumors of the screen adaptation circulated. 

Finally, in April of 2010, the film was released but was relegated to film festivals. The film does feature a couple  of well-know actors; William Hurt, Kathleen Quinlan and William Devane ( he actually DOES fly fish in real life! ). Lead actors are Zach Gilford, and Amber Heard. If you are a subscriber of Showtime, you will be able to view the film before it is released on DVD. Here is the Showtime schedule.