Saturday, August 20, 2011

Exception to the norm!

Who said big fish don't live at high elevation! This MONSTER, 31" brown trout was caught in a 10,000 foot elevation lake in the high Sierra on a #2 weight rod with a small wooly bugger! Watch out Google Earth , you're about to be bombarded!

31" brown trout from Craig Coston on Vimeo.


Steve Zakur said...

That's a sweet fish! I guess all those fingerlings they dump via air go to good use after all. Trout chow!

Sierra Anglers Fly Shop said...

A friend of mine was working for his degree in fisheries and researched some of those lakes and this is what he replied on the shop's Facebook page: " I've gillnetted them near that size (over 5 lbs) out of the Rock Creek drainage in tbe mid-90's when I was doing my grad research. All those lakes are >10,000'. They are around. I'm noT surprised.".

Dean K Miller said...

Amazing! What an awesome place to be able to land a fish like that. Congrats!