Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Escape From Summer: 110°F - 51°F Temperature Differential!

With home ( Modesto ) temperatures forecast to be 108°F+, we decided that a mountain getaway was in order! The ultimate destination was Crowley Lake ( which was pretty warm in itself ) but the plan was to arrive at Crowley in the evening and return the following evening.
As we made our way towards our destination, we noticed on the car's temperature sensor, that in Chinese Camp, the temperature reached a scorching 110°F! When we reached Tioga Pass, we were greeted by thundershowers and  temperatures in the mid 50's!!

With the Crowley fishing reported to be " epic ", it was not to be! I had only one strike Saturday evening and no strikes on Sunday fishing from 6:30 AM to 11:30 AM. Others that we spoke to had similar results, however one of our buddies did land his first Crowley Lake rainbow, a 22" hog!

To delay our decent to hell ( the Valley heat ) we stopped to get my skunk off at Ellery Lake. We all caught a few and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and the refreshing mountain air.

Our objective of escaping the Valley heat was achieved as the 50-60°F temperature that we were able to enjoy up towards Tioga Pass was fantastic!

The drive back down was beautiful with the thundershowers and the always majestic scenery of the " other " Yosemite.
Anyway, it was an enjoyable time! I guess I'll wait awhile before I go back to Crowley but I will go back this year!


Kent Johnson said...

Nice to be out of the heat I am sure. Just the black background of your blog sent a cooling sensation into me, but the 50 degree Tioga pass is almost torture to someone stuck in the Valley.

Sierra Anglers Fly Shop said...

Definitely did not want to come down from the mountains!